Anacostia Voyage Society, LLC 

Anacostia Voyage Society, LLC offers private cruises of the Washington, DC waters. While billions of dollars have poured into the real estate development of DC, this city has never been more beautiful from the water. In the community, we support the efforts of several non-profits through fundraising, volunteering, and membership.

Anacostia is a historic community in Washington, DC whose name derives from the area's early history as Nacochtank, a settlement of Necostan or Anacostan Indians on the banks of the Anacostia River. Documented as a strong trading post for Natives in early 17th century, the 19th century brought restrictive covenants by whites barring the sale of properties to anyone of African or Irish decent. The great abolitionist Frederick Douglass purchased prime real estate there in 1877 and lived there until his death in 1895 - his home is still preserved as a historic site. At the conclusion of World War 2, housing projects were built in the predominately European-American neighborhood, causing the white middle class to take flight while opening the door for Anacostia to become a mostly African-American community. Presently, Anacostia has initiated a strong resurgence, with newly developed/opened retail, restaurants, and residential properties. Even with the new financial rising, this community remains mostly African-American with a strong base of millennial home owners. This is a stark contrast to other D.C. neighborhoods that gentrified with financial resurgence.